Even if you don’t have an incident response budget, you still need a first response when bad things happen in your network.  

Cyber Triage Lite gives you an automated endpoint response that is easier to use and deploy than other free, command line tools.  It includes:

  • Automated collection of volatile data, registry, and more.
  • Easily examine the data to find evidence of intrusions. 
  • View results in a timeline view.
  • Generate HTML reports.

Download the Lite version now and get 15 days of the paid features for free. 

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Cyber Triage enables companies to have a first response capability without needing to deploy agents to each endpoint and without lots of forensics training.  It automates the collection and analysis of endpoint data to save time and provide thoroughness.

  • Collection tool can be pushed to remote systems to collect data or emailed to local administrators or clients.
  • Results can be sent back over the network or saved to USB drive.
  • Automated analysis uses over 40 malware scanning engines, black lists, and other heuristics associated with attacks.
  • Partially automated analysis techniques guide the user through suspicious data to review, such as what programs were run or ports that were open.
  • Backend database provides context of how often or rare an item is.