October 16, 2018 • Herndon, VA

Join us for a 3-hour hands-on workshop that will show you how to more quickly triage your endpoints using Cyber Triage. Learn how you can investigate your alerts by remotely collecting registry, volatile, and file system data; use automated techniques to identify malicious and suspicious data, and generate reports.

Register now for this free event on October 16, 2018 in Herndon, VA.

In this workshop, we will talk about:

  • Approaches to endpoint triage
  • What do you look for during endpoint triage
  • Remotely collecting data using Cyber Triage
  • Looking for compromised user accounts and malicious behavior
  • Looking for malware and suspicious processes
  • Looking for system changes that hide malicious activity
  • Identifying what is normal versus suspicious

The techniques that we use in the class will work with Cyber Triage Lite, which is free to use. But, attendees will also get a copy of Cyber Triage with an extended 60-day license.

Register today to learn about using Cyber Triage to more effectively investigate your endpoints.