Everyone Has a First Response

Every security incident has a first response and it needs to be effective. Whether the first responder is from an internal security team, help desk, external consultant, or law enforcement, it is important that she can identify the scope and severity of the incident.

Cyber Triage has been built to support anyone’s first response. Internal teams can use it when investigating alerts and external consultants and law enforcement can use it to quickly prioritize what to focus on. Regardless of your role, the result is a consistent and thorough response.

Cyber Triage enables internal security teams, consultants, MSSPs, and law enforcement to quickly investigate and scope incidents.


Internal CSIRTs

Improve your internal CSIRT’s efficiency in identifying and scoping security incidents. Based on what is normal for your environment, evaluate alerts and prioritize systems to begin investigating, whether or not you have security infrastructure in place.




Fly-away incident response teams face unique operational challenges, but most other incident response tools were not designed for your workflow. You need quickly deployable infrastructure to learn what is normal and identify where to begin investigating.



Law Enforcement

Easily determine an intrusion’s scope by analyzing links between systems, whether live or dead. Automated processes ensure consistent review of one or more suspect systems, even when other investigative priorities compete for your attention.

Simplify Your Incident Response. Try Cyber Triage.