Internal Incident Responders

Whether your organization has a team of people dedicated to incident response, or a single security professional who performs IR as one of many tasks, your security organization can use a way to respond to incidents at scale so that your responders can effectively assess and communicate what’s going on.

Make informed decisions about how to respond to a security incident.

With Cyber Triage you can benefit from:

Minimal infrastructure
  • A non-persistent agent offers endpoint visibility without heavy infrastructure.
  • Flexible deployment options allow collections by remote teams or offices.
  • A focus on triage maximizes scalability across any size organization.
Cohesive toolset
  • Merge past and current collections to contextualize threats and scale response.
  • Save costs associated with persistent endpoint detection/response tools.
  • Compare your data to global trends with integrated threat intelligence.
Decisive response
  • Integrate SIEM and IDS to trigger collections and effectively assess alerts.
  • Correlate systems, geoIP and reputation trends to identify the greatest threats.
  • Communicate effective results to managers or expert responders.