Fast & Affordable Forensics for Incident Response

Automated incident response software for fast, comprehensive, and easy intrusion investigations

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Automation for the Cyber First Responder

Cyber Triage makes your response more efficient when you are working around the clock to get attackers out.

It has 4 core concepts to make you as fast and comprehensive as possible:

  • Collect the relevant artifacts from live running Windows systems and send results to a server, S3 bucket, or USB drive.
  • Prioritize the artifacts using a variety of scoring techniques and algorithms to identify those that are associated with an intrusion.
  • Recommend additional artifacts based on what the user tags.
  • Collaborate with your team about your findings and share your results.

Cyber Triage’s flexibility allows it to integrate with SIEM/SOAR systems, leverage cloud infrastructure, and be used by both internal SOCs and MSSPs.

Cyber Triage allows you to more efficiently find attackers and get them out.

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Maximize Your Artifacts Per Second

The key to getting attackers out is being able to quickly process lots of data from lots of hosts. This allows you to identify where they are and how they persist.

Cyber Triage allows you to achieve both speed and comprehensiveness:

  • Speed: Artifact scoring allows you to quickly focus on the small set of artifacts that are relevant. Don’t waste your time on normal activity.
  • Comprehensive:  Thousands of artifacts are collected to look for malware and account takeovers. The recommendation engine makes sure you know about related items.

Cyber Triage’s automation makes you as fast as possible. In the words of 13Cubed, “It’s almost to the point of point and click forensics.”

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Watch It In Action

This review by SANS instructor and YouTuber Richard Davis (13Cubed) provides a complete overview of Cyber Triage, focusing on memory forensics and the Volatility integration.

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