In incident response, speed is king. Teams that keep their response times low help their organizations:

  • Save money: cutting the cost per incident
  • Reduce risk: less time for bad folks to do damage
  • Get complete evidence: less time for bad folks to cover their tracks.

“What used to take me four to six hours, I can do with Cyber Triage in a few clicks. It’s a huge time saver.”
Cyber security architect at a global conglomerate

If those lower response times are achieved through automation, it also frees up human analysts to do higher-value work.

Cyber Triage provides organizations with all these benefits. It automates the endpoint forensics cycle so that your team gets incidents remediated as quickly as possible.


Consistency and completeness in incident response are difficult because:

  • It’s hard for teams to know all of the places they should be looking.
  • It’s easy for team members to forget a step in a manual process.

Cyber threats are constantly evolving, and it’s very difficult for investigators to keep pace with those changes while they deal with incoming alerts. Cyber Triage updates its analytical processes daily, based on the latest threat intelligence, ensuring every investigation is as informed as possible.

“I don’t have time to keep my skill set up. Cyber Triage ensures that my investigations are informed by the latest threat intelligence.”
Information security expert at a billion-dollar manufacturer

Intruders do their best to hide their tracks, and it’s easy to miss something during an investigation. Cyber Triage collects and analyzes data from every key location, providing responders with complete evidence on an incident.

Every investigator has their own approach, so analyses are rarely uniform. Cyber Triage delivers consistent analytics, the foundation of uniform reporting.


Not everyone is a forensics expert. You can’t hire enough of them to perform the incident response, and management shouldn’t need to understand the low-level details. Incident response needs to be easier.

Manual approaches to incident response are tedious and often require extensive training, and experienced responders are rare (not to mention expensive). Even for seasoned investigators, putting together a clear and concise incident narrative can be very difficult.

Cyber Triage was designed to make everything about incident response straightforward. The UI allows every IR profession—from green thumb to gritty pro—to quickly and easily compose a data-based story of an incident.

“My EDR’s UI doesn’t provide a clear view of the data. With Cyber Triage, I can tell a better story.”
Information security manager at NASDAQ 100 firm

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