Law Enforcement

Cyber Triage is built on top of the world’s best digital forensics tools to handle the unique DFIR challenges law enforcement officers face.

Close up of Cache's gauntlet


  • Automated collection obtains all of the relevant data from a live or dead system in one step
  • Automated analysis highlights bad and suspicious items before the investigator sees the data
  • Built-in workflow allows users to mark items as bad and quickly generate a final report.


  • Keeps track of the places you should be looking for so that your investigators don’t forget
  • Files are sent to 40-plus malware scanning engines to ensure comprehensive detection capabilities
  • Results are saved to a backend database, which allows the investigator to compare this computer with others
  • Results are court admissible.

Close up of Cache's goggles

Close up of Cache's gauntlet and goggles

Easy to Use

  • Forensically analyze raw or E01 disk and memory images
  • Intuitive UI makes it easy for non-cyber specialists to review results
  • Run on a suspect’s computer from a USB during an interview to obtain basic data about how the computer has been used.