Cyber Triage Training


Be prepared for your next incident with our training programs. They ensure that you know how to:

  • Use Cyber Triage: The Cyber Triage Basics course covers how to use our software.
  • Investigate intrusions and malware: The free “Divide and Conquer DFIR” course covers an investigation process to answer hard questions.
  • Investigate the latest attack techniques: Free quarterly webinars cover how to investigate specific types of attacks.

We offer live and on-demand training with instructors who are involved with the development and research of Cyber Triage. Key instructors include:

  • Mike Wilkinson: Mike has been conducting and teaching DFIR for over 20 years at Champlain College, University of South Australia, the NSW Police Force and the private sector.
  • Brian Carrier: Brian has been teaching DFIR for over 20 years and closely involved with the development of Cyber Triage, Autopsy, and their associated training programs.


Cyber Triage Training Bundle

Your Cyber Triage license includes access to the Cyber Triage Training Bundle. This package ensures you know how to use the software and how to conduct an investigation.

  • Unlimited access to the on-demand Cyber Triage Basics course
  • Content updated quarterly for customers only on current trends, techniques and issues
  • Access to data sets used in our training webinars

If you are a Cyber Triage customer, you can sign up here using your corporate email address.

Cyber Triage Basics Course

Cyber Triage Basics ensures you know the basic functionality of Cyber Triage. It is designed for someone who already has incident response or digital forensics knowledge and wants to make sure they are effectively using Cyber Triage.

The course is organized into three main sections:

  1. Collecting data and incident management
  2. Analyzing the data
  3. Generating reports

This video-based, on-demand course includes lectures and a hands-on scenario. Upon completion, you will receive a certificate.

Custom versions of this course can also be provided live via video or onsite and tailored to your needs. Ask your sales representative for details.

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Divide and Conquer DFIR Process Training (Free)

Divide and Conquer DFIR Process teaches you our systematic approach to investigations. This approach focuses on breaking down big, vague investigative questions, such as “is there malicious user activity?” into smaller and smaller questions that can ultimately be answered by a category of artifacts, such as “Login Events.” This approach helps to accelerate your investigation by focusing on the most relevant artifacts.

In this free course, you’ll learn…

  • A framework for categorizing artifacts that may contain DFIR evidence
  • How to analyze those artifact categories
  • Benefits of an automated approach.

The vendor-agnostic course is 3 hours, video-based, and on-demand.

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Scenario-based Webinars (Free)

We periodically host webinars that cover a specific topic relevant to investigators. These typically provide general information about the investigation approach and then have a Cyber Triage-based data set.

These webinars are free and available on demand following the live event. However, following the live event, data sets are available only to Cyber Triage customers enrolled in the Training Bundle package.

Previous webinars include:

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