As an incident response consultant, you face unique challenges.

You need to identify and scope an incident quickly, yet you lack visibility into the company’s network and systems. To respond effectively, you must learn what is normal in an unfamiliar environment, using easily deployed infrastructure to quickly evaluate and prioritize potentially compromised systems.

In short, you need Cyber Triage, an IR software solution that is:

  • Cyber Triage gives you a better sense of what’s normal, even when you don’t have this information up front
  • A backend database stores collections, allowing you to easily compare many endpoints in the organization
  • Threat tagging and correlation allow team members to review your findings and later conduct a more in-depth analysis.
  • Automated collection and analysis processes help you quickly prioritize and focus remediation efforts
  • As you find evidence, Cyber Triage searches for the same evidence in other collections, speeding up the entire investigation
  • The Cyber Triage dashboard shows all hosts for the given incident and sorts them based on threat levels.
  • Cyber Triage’s non-persistent agent offers endpoint visibility with bring-your-own infrastructure
  • Cyber Triage licenses per responder, not per endpoint, scaling across any size organization.

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