Cyber Triage helps IR consultants get a complete view of the situation and quickly identify what matters.

Close up of Cache's goggles


  • Gives you a better sense of what’s normal, even when you don’t have this information up front
  • A backend database stores collections, allowing you to easily compare many endpoints in the organization
  • Integrates threat intelligence so that you can compare the client’s organization to global trends
  • Threat tagging and correlation allow team members to review your findings and later conduct a more in-depth analysis.


  • Automated collection and analysis processes help you quickly prioritize and focus remediation efforts
  • As you find evidence, Cyber Triage searches for the same evidence in other collections, speeding up the entire investigation
  • Dashboard shows all hosts for the given incident and sorts them based on threat levels.

Close up of Cache's gauntlet

Close up of Cache's gauntlet and goggles

Easy to Use

  • Non-persistent agent offers endpoint visibility with bring-your-own infrastructure
  • Licenses per responder, not per endpoint, scaling across any size organization.