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About Sleuth Kit Labs

Cyber Triage is built by Sleuth Kit Labs, a spinout of BasisTech.

Sleuth Kit Labs provides innovative products, training, and services to ensure that front line digital investigators can effectively fight digital crime. For over 15 years, we operated within BasisTech, providing capabilities to thousands of investigators with our tools (Autopsy and Cyber Triage) and education with our conferences (OSDFCon and ResponderCon). As of Oct 2023, we are now a separate company with Brian Carrier as the CEO.

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Professional Services to Ensure Investigations are Complete

Sleuth Kit Labs will ensure you find all evidence by providing services to help you prepare for an incident and understand the artifacts you find during the investigation.

Our services team can:

  • Perform a readiness assessment to review system settings and artifacts
  • Analyze artifacts that your IR team encounters in an investigation and has questions about
  • Load and preprocess data into Cyber Triage instances to ensure it is ready for your investigators

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Training to Prepare Your Investigators

Sleuth Kit Labs provides live and on-demand video-based training on our products and general investigation concepts to make sure you are prepared

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The Sleuth Kit Labs team organized open source and incident response conferences in the
Washington D.C. area for over 14 years.

The Open Source Digital Forensics Conference focuses on tools and techniques that are open source and (typically) free to use. It is a one-day event with short talks packed with information. There are both tool developers and users in attendance, and this is a unique opportunity to learn about new tools and provide feedback.

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ResponderCon is a conference dedicated to helping cyber responders, and DFIR examiners investigate digital intrusions. While other events focus on preventing the attack, this focuses on what to do after it happens.

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