Fast, Comprehensive, and Easy Incident Response

Slow incident response is dangerous.

It gives attackers the time they need to steal proprietary data, destroy infrastructure, deploy persistence mechanisms, or cover their tracks.

But speed isn’t the only challenge incident responders face. With so many alerts to address, consistently conducting thorough investigations is a pain. So is communicating those findings in a consistent, clear manner to management.

Designed by cybersecurity expert Brian Carrier, Cyber Triage was built to address the biggest challenges in IR:

  • Cyber Triage speeds up the entire investigation cycle, helping organizations save money and reduce risk
  • Cyber Triage comprehensively scans endpoints based on the latest threat intelligence, giving you complete evidence
  • Cyber Triage’s UI allows every IR profession to easily compose a data-based story of an incident.

Looking to improve your incident response?

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More on Cyber Triage

Cyber Triage is built by the digital forensics group at Basis Technology, led by Brian Carrier. Brian previously ran an incident response team at @stake, developed The Sleuth Kit and Autopsy open source tools, and authored the popular book, File System Forensic Analysis.

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