Practical Endpoint Response

Automated incident response software any company can use to investigate their alerts.

  • Agentless: Easier to deploy than EDR
  • Automated: Easier to use than command lines
  • Thorough: More complete than antivirus
  • Practical: Designed for non-forensics experts

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Quickly Scope An Incident

Time is critical when a computer security incident occurs.
You need to identify what computers are involved and contain the damage.

Cyber Triage collects and analyzes endpoint data to help you scope and contain an incident.

Easy to Use

Automation and simple interfaces allow even a single-person security team to get answers quickly.


Forensic triage techniques provide an in-depth picture of the endpoint without needing forensics experts.

Flexible Deployment

Agentless collection makes it easy to get data, even when the security team doesn’t have control of the endpoints.

Endpoint Incident Response for the Rest of Us

Companies receive numerous security alerts every day and need to investigate their computers. But, most don’t have a dedicated response team or software agents on every endpoint.

Cyber Triage’s ease of use and agent-less approach makes it possible for these companies to have an effective first response.

Investigate Your Alerts

When you get an alert from an IPS or SIEM about suspicious activity, you need to know more about it.
Is it a false positive or part of a large intrusion?

Cyber Triage enables you to determine that.


Collect data over the network by pushing the collection tool to the laptop.


Automatically analyze data to identify evidence and suspicious settings.


Review user activity and settings unique to that endpoint.


Scope the incident by correlating with data from other endpoints.

Make Your First Response Count

Whether you are a consultant, part of an internal security team, or law enforcement, your first response to an incident is critical.

Cyber Triage allows anyone to quickly make decisions by prioritizing what endpoints to investigate and showing the scale of the incident. Cyber Triage allows everyone to have automated incident response.


Simplify Your Incident Response. Try Cyber Triage.