SOC Orchestration Platform

What is DFLabs?

Single API.

DFLabs can help your team prioritize alerts and allow you to focus on what is most critical. Decades of security operations and incident response experience means they know how frustrating it is to waste time on non-critical alerts and false positives. Their mission is to help detect and investigate alerts, reduce false positives and respond to attacks so that you can keep up, while they work through the rest.

Integration actions

DFLabs can remotely launch collections.

Whom is it built for?

Internal IR Teams.

Why is it useful?

This integration allows you to start Cyber Triage investigations on endpoints via your DFLabs workflow. This automates the incident response process so you can quickly determine if an endpoint is compromised or not.

Where is it used?

DFLabs can launch a Cyber Triage investigation. Orchestration solutions allow companies to prioritize and respond to what really matters. This saves incident responders time to provide faster and more efficient response.

What is the required Cyber Triage version?


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*For more information about this integration contact our sales team: sales@cybertriage.com.

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