Enterprise Security Automation & Orchestration Platform

What is Swimlane?

Swimlane is a leader in SOAR. Their security solutions help over-burdened and understaffed teams maximize their capabilities and combat issues like alert-fatigue, vendor proliferation, and staffing shortages.

Integration actions

Swimlane can remotely launch collections.

Whom is it built for?

Internal IR Teams.

Why is it useful?

The Cyber Triage/Swimlane integration can help automate the majority of your incident response workflow and increase your response capacity. All of which help reduce human error, save time, and improve response. This integration helps analysts focus on the most important security activities and make better use of their expertise.

Where is it used?

Swimlane can launch a Cyber Triage investigation, automate data submissions to threat intelligence platforms, notify users impacted by a threat, and more. Providing real-time dashboards can help maximize the efficiency of your particular security operation despite alert fatigue or staffing shortages.

What is the required Cyber Triage version?


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*For more information about this integration contact our sales team: sales@cybertriage.com.

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