Palo Alto Cortex XSOAR

Comprehensive Security Operations Platform

What is Cortex XSOAR?

Cortex XSOAR can increase efficiency by reducing the volume of alerts that require human interaction up to 95%. Automating tasks affords companies the ability to produce faster, more methodical response.

Integration actions

Cortex XSOAR can remotely launch collections.

Whom is it built for?

Internal IR Teams.

Why is it useful?

The Cyber Triage/Cortex XSOAR integration allows you to start an endpoint investigation and make the best use of the incident responder’s time because the data will be ready for review when they are assigned to the alert.

Where is it used?

Demisto can automatically launch a Cyber Triage investigation after an alert. Orchestration solutions allow companies to respond faster because common steps are automated. This means the collection process can be completed without human intervention.

What is the required Cyber Triage version?


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